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    Let’s Dance Chopin

Let’s Dance Chopin

Multimedia Dance

Premiered at the 2010 Shanghai EXPO on the occasion of composer Frédéric Chopin‘s bicentenary celebrations, and performed at Shanghai’s Great Red Hall, this multimedia dance performance was the high-point of the Polish national presentation at the EXPO. I was commissioned by the Chopin Institute to create video projections for this multimedia dance performance with symphony orchestra. I worked closely with choreographer Marysia Stokłosa and the international cast, from the initial steps in a small studio to the final stages of conception. The Great Red Hall‘s entire stage-space had to be replicated in a large industrial hangar in Warsaw. Together we developed the stage-design that would allow space for the dance, while accommodating a full-size symphony orchestra, with additional jazz section. We had to ensure that their communication among themselves and with the conductor wasn’t compromised. A need to highlight the dancers, with so many performers in such a large space, resulted in a large-scale, multiple-screen, live-edit video projection, incorporating live-feed from multiple camera angles.

The Fryderyk Chopin Institute


Musical Arrangement: Janusz Stokłosa
Director & Choreographer: Maria Stokłosa
Director of Video: Dan Farberoff
Lighting: Ewa Garniec
Sound: Jarosław Regulski
Scenography: Marek Chowaniec
Costumes: Anna Kuczyńska
Dramaturgy: Peter Pleyer
A. Borys
M. MavridouR. Nagabczyńska, M.R. Raumanni, I. Szostak, D.A. Almgren Recen, M. Baldemar, Y. Goldstein, K. Haselbeck, R. Martins de Oliveira, M. Raczyński
T. Filipczak, R. Maciński, M. “Fazi” Mielczarek, A. Lesicki, M. Wiśniewski
Iuventus Symphony Orchestra
Conductor and Artistic Director: Janusz Stokłosa
Producer: The Fryderyk Chopin Institute

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