• Dan Farberoff

    Invisible Structura

Invisible Structura

Video Documentation

Multimedia performance video documentation and installation at Gloucester Cathedral, part of an Artist-In-Residence project by sculptor David Behar – Perahia. The video was the final outcome of a dance and original music performance, with the sound composition by composer Edwin Hillier, including musical scores for the cathedral choir, as well as for the Cathedral’s resident stonemasons. The project drew on the history of construction of the Cathedral, which was built by the Normans in 1066, at a time of bourgeoning enquiry into the relationship between human and nature, man and the heavens, with an increased concern with scale.

Performance by: David Behar – Perahia

Choreography: Ruth Cross & Katherine Gilks

Music: Edwin Hillier

Video directed by: Dan Farberoff

Camera: Joseph Turp, Davy McGuire

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